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What are the Anever Bearbricks? There are two Anever Be@rbrick releases. The first is a clear version of Anever’s iconic flower-pressed style, and the second is a black version of the same aesthetic. Released in 2021 and 2022 respectively, this Anever x Bearbrick collaboration is available in 1000%, 400%, and 100% sizes. Both the clear and the black editions are part of an impossibly cute set that is an instant collectible must have! 

ANEVER x Bearbrick Collaboration

Japanese fashion lovers rejoice. Anever and Bearbrick have collaborated on two different styles of bears, and both capture the off-kilter, rainbow mood that has come to be synonymous with everything Anever. Both cute and classy, these figures meet at the crossroads of Bearbrick’s pop culture and fine art creations. 

The first release, a clear design decorated with cheerful images of tiny flower petals, appeared in 2021. The next, in a way its sibling’s opposite, is an opaque, black design with the same petal-like splashes of color. Both versions seem right at home on the much-loved teddy bear body because of the playfulness of the imagery. 

Both characters are available in 1000% and a 400% + 100% set.


Celebrated Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga joined forces with worldwide fashion brand Onward Kashiyama to create Anever. Morinaga says that he takes his inspiration from the phrase “God is in the details,” and Anever embodies this philosophy down to the smallest feature.  

Anever fans know that this brand revels in the delicate pleasure of nature. By encasing real flowers in resin, Anever’s aesthetic imagery aims to capture the moment when blossoms first open. It’s as if the designer manages to embody springtime with every piece. Anever’s unmistakable, classic look adorns merchandise for men and women, including accessories, handbags, apparel, frames, vases, and more. 

True to the natural world these items honor, no two Anever works are the same. The point with these pieces is to slow time, as if the gentle petals are perpetually in bloom.

About Bearbrick

Be@rbrick (Bearbrick) is a designer art toy created by Medicom Toy, a popular Japanese company that has reached worldwide acclaim, especially with collectors. These plastic teddy bears have a recognizable, minimalist look. Each one is known for the iconic Bearbrick large potbelly, and the moveable head and limbs. 

For over two decades, this brand has collaborated with a variety of intellectual properties, artists, brands, and concepts. Bearbrick is known for making an eclectic assortment of collectible bears, and there is something for every type of person to geek out about. From Batman to Van Gogh, from Spongebob to Alfred Hitchcock, Bearbrick pays homage to all fandoms. 

The “blank slate” nature of the bears allows for variety in designs, and it’s the artistic curiosity of each piece that usually results in strong investments for collectors. 

Bearbrick are available in three main sizes: 100%, 400% and 1000%. The 100% is approximately 2.75 inches tall, or 7 centimeters. The 400% is 4 times larger, at 11 inches, or 28 cm. The 1000% is 10 times larger than the 100%, at 2 ft. 4 inches, or 70 cm. Other sizes exist, such as 200% or 10,000%, but these sizes are rare exceptions.

ANEVER Clear Bearbrick

Instantly recognizable to any Anever collector, the clear Anever Bearbrick resembles many of the designer’s popular jewelry pieces. Flower-like splashes of color adorn the item from its ears to its feet. The clear plastic body allows light to turn the figure into a bear-shaped rainbow. 

While some Bearbrick figures feature faces, this design does not break its wildflower imagery except to include a brand signature. On the bear’s chest is the Anever brand emblem. The logo is small and blends in, almost like a shirt logo. There’s something extra charming about this teddy that practically glows with wildflower energy, proudly displaying the Anever design. 

ANEVER Clear Bearbrick – 1000% (2021)

The goal of Anever is to decorate rooms with the happiness of flowers, and it’s hard to think of something happier than a two-and-a-half-foot bear that lets light shine through tiny, water-colored blossoms. 

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: December 2021
Retail Price: $795
Size: 1000%
Dimensions: 28 in / 70 cm
Be@rbrick Code:

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ANEVER Clear Bearbrick – 400% & 100% set (2022)

For collectors who don’t have space in their homes or offices for a toddler-sized bear, the 400% and 100% are the same style in much more compact sizes. This set is perfect for brightening cubicles or adding a splash of color to a windowsill. 

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: July 2022
Retail Price: $210
Size: 400% & 100% Set
400% Dimensions: 11 in / 28 cm (400%)
100% Dimensions: 2.8 in / 7 cm (100%)
Medicom Be@rbrick Code:

ANEVER Black Bearbrick

Anever is known for two main visual types: clear resin with pressed flower petals, and opaque black with the same pressed flower aesthetic. With the black Anever Bearbrick, the second design comes to life in teddy bear form. The appeal of this look is that the black background contrasts with the bright colors of the petals. 

A delicate rainbow of whites, yellows, pinks, and purples stands out as a light in the darkness all over the entire body. The Anever logo appears in white on this bear’s chest, as well. Though the design is dark, the overall visual impact remains cheerful, in keeping with Anever’s natural-world positivity. 

ANEVER Black Bearbrick – 1000% (2022)

The contrast of bright flowers on this black figure really nails the classic art aesthetic. And at 27.5 inches tall, this bear aims to be a dramatic eyepiece for any room. 

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: September 2022
Retail Price: $690
1000% Dimensions: 28 in / 70 cm – 1000%
Medicom Code: XXXXXXXXX

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ANEVER Black Bearbrick – 400% & 100% set (2022)

The smaller set of this black Anever Bearbrick is an ideal, artsy companion to other figures that may have a darker color theme. Because the flowers brighten up these bears, they will stand out well near other items with dominant black themes. 

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: September 2022
Retail Price: $180
Size: 400% & 100% Set
400% Dimensions: 11 in / 28 cm (400%)
100% Dimensions: 2.8 in / 7 cm (100%)
Medicom Code: XXXXXXXXX

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Summary & What’s Next

Japanese fashion is known throughout the world for utilizing a variety of textiles and visual techniques. Anever has made a name for themselves by capturing the moment flowers bloom and stopping them in time.

By putting real petals in resin, Anever sells artistic fashion pieces that focus on the beauty of the world outside. With both clear and black designs in anything from household items to jewelry, Anever aims to keep fans cheerful by spreading the joy of a rainbow of flowers. 

Now, Anever and Bearbrick have collaborated on clear and black bears, both in 1000% sizes and in 400% and 100% sets, bringing this classy, modern look to Bearbrick fans everywhere. The Anever method of capturing real flowers is recreated through delicate paint splashes in both versions. Bearbrick collectors who love the more artistic editions and series will definitely want to get add Anever their collection.

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