Dylan’s Candy Bar Bearbrick

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What are the Dylan’s Candy Bar Bearbrick? Dylan’s Candy Bar collaborated with Medicom for a Super Sweet Be@rbrick. He is covered in brightly colored lollies, gummies, and other tasty treats. Released in 2018, the Bearbrick is available in 1000%, 400% and 100% sizes.

Dylan’s Candy Bar x Bearbrick Collaboration

As of right now, there are only three sizes and one style in the Dylan’s Candy Bar collaboration with Bearbrick. Released in 2018, this bear has been named the “Sweet Escape,” and it’s obvious why. The mix of colors resembles a rainbow swirl from a distance. However, this Bearbrick’s body is actually a collection of lollipops, gumdrops, and other images of sugary goodness.

The set comes in 1000% size, which stands about two feet tall. It also comes in a 100% and 400% set, for easy display on any desk or shelf.

The vivid design is guaranteed to be cheerful and interesting. Fans of everything sweet will want to get their hands on this bear.

About Dylan’s Candy Bar

Established in 2001 by Dylan Lauren, Dylan’s Candy Bar is a “confectionery emporium and lifestyle brand.” Their products sell to the kids in all of us through an intersection of art, candy, and fashion.

As a graduate of art history and the daughter of Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren certainly knows a few things about pop culture. She has effectively turned her childhood love of Willy Wonka into a real-life candy empire, complete with smile-inducing aesthetics.

Fans of Dylan’s Candy Bar recognize it by their imaginative use of bright colors. This brand makes candy an art form.

About Bearbrick

Medicom Toy company in Japan created Be@rbrick (Bearbrick) as a designer art toy for collectors. The Bearbricks are shaped like teddy bears and are known for their potbellies that stand out in profile and their poseable head, arms, and legs.  

Over the more than twenty years of success, an astounding variety of fandoms have collaborated on bear designs with Bearbrick. These minimalist teddies are often referred to as “blank slates” that artists can use to portray anything from characters in pop culture to classic paintings.  

Whether you’re interested in breakfast cereals or superheroes, Van Gogh or The Grateful Dead, chances are that Bearbrick has released something you can add to your collection.  

Bearbricks are available in three main sizes: 100%, 400% and 1000%. The 100% is approximately 2.75 inches tall, or 7 centimeters. The 400% is 4 times larger, at 11 inches, or 28 cm. The 1000% is 10 times larger than the 100%, at 2 ft. 4 inches, or 70 cm. Other sizes exist, such as 200% or 10,000%, but these sizes are rare exceptions.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Bearbrick – 1000%

This is a giant teddy bear that appears to be made of candy. Who could argue with that? The dominant colors are pinks, greens, blues, and yellows, and you can find your favorite candy easily in this oversized display.

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: January, 2018
Retail Price: $438 USD / About ¥42,000 Yen
Size: 1000%
1000% Dimensions: 28 in / 70 cm – 1000%
Medicom Code: XXXXXXXX

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Dylan’s Candy Bar Bearbrick – 400% & 100% Set

The art isn’t lost on the smaller sized bears, which is great news for collectors of the 400% and 100% set. Each bear is vibrant with a rainbow of sweets.

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: April, 2018
Retail Price: $108 USD / ¥12,000 Yen
Size: 400% & 100% Set
400% Dimensions: 11 in / 28 cm (400%)
100% Dimensions: 2.8 in / 7 cm (100%)
Medicom Code: XXXXXXXX

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Summary & Next Steps 

Whether you’re a regular Dylan’s Candy Bar customer or just have an unshakable sweet tooth, this collaboration is the ultimate celebration of sugar. Dylan’s Candy Bar sees confectioneries as art, and these Bearbricks reflect that perfectly.

Bearbrick has released one version of this collaboration, known as the “Sweet Escape.” It comes in 1000%, 400%, and 100% sizes.

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