Tony the Tiger Bearbrick

What are the Tony the Tiger Bearbricks? There are two Tony the Tiger Be@rbrick releases. The first, known as the Modern Version, represents the version of Tony that kids today know and love. The other, known as the Vintage Version, is still recognizable as Tony, but the figure displays an older artistic rendering of the tiger. Released in 2018, 2019, and 2021, this Tony the Tiger x Bearbrick collaboration is available in 1000%, 400%, and 100% sizes. They’re the ideal bears for fans of Kellogg’s cereal and nostalgia.

Tony the Tiger x Bearbrick Collaboration

Breakfast cereals and Bearbricks? Yes, please. This is a no-brainer collaboration, since Kellogg’s has such a cute mascot in Tony the Tiger. What’s even better is that Bearbrick made sure to provide versions for fans of the modern look, as well as fans of the original Tony.

The Modern Version features Tony’s now-iconic, open-mouthed smile. His eyes are golden and wide, and he looks ready to share a bowl of cereal with his bestie.

The Vintage Version will be unmistakable to anyone who ate Kellogg’s cereal before the 70s, or to anyone who loves older cartoon designs. His mouth is closed, with a cute tongue sticking out. His eyes are smaller and green.

Both characters are available in 1000% and a 400% + 100% set.

About Tony the Tiger

For more than half a century, Tony the Tiger has been the face of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal. Created in 1952, Tony won the chance to become the official cereal mascot against several other cartoon designs. Now, Tony the Tiger is a household name around the world.

Kellogg’s didn’t stop at a simple tiger with a name. Tony has developed as a character over the years with a lore that fans have followed with zest. He has parents, Papa and Mama Tony. He has a wife, Mrs. Tony. And he has two children, Tony Jr., and Antoinette.

Tony has even made his debut as a VTuber on Twitch. It’s safe to say that the hype for Tony the Tiger goes well beyond those who think his cereal tastes “Gr-r-eat!”

About Bearbrick

Medicom Toy is the Japanese company that created Be@rbrick (Bearbrick). Since its inception, these little figures have become collector favorites. People around the world know the Bearbrick appearance because the basic frame has a recognizable appearance. Each plastic teddy is the same at its basic level: a round belly, and arms, legs, and head that can be posed. It’s what artists do from there that makes each design stand out as a unique piece of art.

The collaborations have taken place across nearly every entertainment medium known to man. Bearbricks have become superheroes, and they have become bear-shaped fashion logos. They have represented famous television characters, and they have embodied famous musical bands. The goal of Bearbrick is to offer a bear (or two or three) to express every fandom out there.

It’s because these bears offer a “blank slate” frame that they are so easy for artists to customize. As an entire fandom can be difficult to sum up in a single visual theme, we often see Bearbrick collaborations that have at least two different versions.

Bearbricks are usually available in three sizes: 100%, 400% and 1000%. The 100% is approximately 2.75 inches tall, or 7 centimeters. The 400% is 4 times larger, at 11 inches, or 28 cm. The 1000% is 10 times larger than the 100%, at 2 ft. 4 inches, or 70 cm. On rare occasions, you may also find examples of other sizes, such as 200% or even 10,000%.

Tony the Tiger Bearbrick – Modern Version (2018 & 2019)

Tony the Tiger as a Bearbrick is about as wholesome as Bearbrick can get. The popular cereal mascot in the Modern Version smiles with his mouth open. He wears a bandana around his neck that reads “Tony” in the upper corner. On the back side, the knot of the bandana is visible. Lower on the body, Tony’s tail is painted in a black outline.

Tony’s distinctive, bright-blue nose stands out as a pop of color among the orange, black, and white that make up the rest of his body.

Tony the Tiger Bearbrick (Modern) – 1000%

The 1000% Modern Version will stand out in any room because of his bright orange coloring. Luckily, Tony the Tiger never looks menacing, even when he’s big.

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: January 2018
Retail Price: $358
Size: 1000%
Dimensions: 28 in / 70 cm – 1000%
Medicom Code:

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Tony the Tiger Bearbrick (Modern) – 400% & 100% Set

The 400% and 100% editions of the Modern Version look exactly like their larger counterparts – only smaller. There’s something especially cute about a palm-sized Tony the Tiger, or one who will stand guard next to your cereal in the pantry.

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: June 2019
Retail Price: $108
Size: 400% & 100% Set
400% Dimensions: 11 in / 28 cm
100% Dimensions: 2.8 in / 7 cm
Medicom Code:

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Tony the Tiger Bearbrick – Vintage Version (2021)

Once upon a time, Tony the Tiger had a football-shaped head, and he often walked on all fours. His distinctive, open-mouthed smile was a closed grin with a tongue peeking out at the corner.

In this Bearbrick edition, Tony’s eyes and mouth reflect the earlier version that older fans will remember. His eyes are green instead of the golden color of the Modern Version, and a cute tongue is painted on, as if he is licking his lips after a huge bowl of Frosted Flakes.

The same bandana appears with the name “Tony” printed in the corner. The back side is the same.

Tony the Tiger Bearbrick (Vintage) – 1000%

The one thing that hasn’t changed about Tony over the years is his distinctive, bright colors. People will notice this 1000% Vintage Version of Tony as soon as they enter the room.

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: September 2021
Original Price: $475
Size: 1000%
Dimensions: 28 in / 70 cm
Medicom Code:

Where to Buy

Tony the Tiger Bearbrick (Vintage) – 400% & 100% Set

This set is perfect for the fan of all things vintage. Tony will be recognizable on any desk or shelf, but the difference in his facial features will signal that he’s a blast from the past.

Bearbrick Details

Release Date: July 2021
Original Retail Price: $125
Size: 1000% or 400% & 100% Set
400% Dimensions: 11 in / 28 cm (400%)
100% Dimensions: 2.8 in / 7 cm (100%)
Medicom Code:

Where to Buy

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Kellogg’s found success with Tony the Tiger in 1952, and they have kept his story going strong since then. Now, he’s a worldwide phenomenon, from the United States to Asia. Naturally, the cartoon design has undergone some changes over all this time, and now there is a distinctive Vintage version of Tony to contrast with today’s Modern appearance.

Tony the Tiger and Bearbrick have collaborated on bears for both looks. Both of these are available in 1000% sizes and in 400% and 100% sets. For those who love a scoop of nostalgia with their breakfast, these Bearbricks offer everything a fan needs.

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